September 22, 2021

As I have reflected on what we have all had the honor and privilege to participate in, I can’t help but think how as the years have rolled by with what we have portrayed as Forrest’s men, this past week has made it more real than we could have ever understood when we all started this many, many years ago. We came together as a unit from many different backgrounds, grew as a unit to be one of the best and most respected living history cavalry units in the country. We have seen many changes through the years, some good, some bad. we have managed to survive the changes intact through all the struggles, through all the battles just as our ancestors did. We did our best under all circumstances to portray one of the greatest TN cavalry unit, led by one of the greatest cavalry General in history.


I have reflected on what I truly witnessed, the smallest of the details of the day, the last bugle call for Boots in Saddles, the smell of the horse and leather. As day turned to late afternoon, the rains fell, after the rains had subsided a double rainbow appeared as a reminder that God’s promises remain true. As afternoon slowly turned to evening the lights from the cabin were reflecting off the coffins as they were carried out to the sound of a violin softly playing. We heard the sound of the horse's hooves, pawing waiting in anticipation and the breath of the horse that slowly disappeared in the moon light. Then the sound of a saber being pulled for one last salute. As we sat there in the silence, watching as time carried the General and Mary Ann to their final resting place, a few of us truly witnessed an end of an era that silently slip into the darkness of time forever. As we sat there mounted in the moon light, at the cross road in the silence knowing we could no longer cross over with the General in this life, and that we had truly made the last ride with General Forrest.

Calvary man of the old 7th. Tennessee, Co. D

Kris Hawkins

Truly thanks to all