2018 KY Division Reunion

Post date: Jan 30, 2018 4:54:46 PM

2018 SCV Kentucky Division Reunion

June 9, 2018

Princeton Kentucky

Kentucky Division Awards

John C. Breckenridge Distinguished Service Award---for Sustained SCV service to the Kentucky Division.

Simon B. Buckner Meritorious Service Award--- for Extraordinary SCV service to the Kentucky Division. in a SINGLE instance...

1) Five awards each year at Ky. Division Reunion.

2) A Compatriot must be a member of the Ky. Division.

3) A Compatriot may receive only one award a year.

4) A Compatriot may earn only one of each in his lifetime.

Past Award Recipients:

2016 Breckenridge----- 2016 Buckner

John Young Ben Sewell

David Harbolt Lynne Shelbourne

Samuel D..Hatcher Ed Georgen

Michael Turner William " Bill" Hayes

Robert Tyree Burl McCoy

2015 Breckenridge 2015 Buckner

Don Shelton David Arant

Fred Wilhite John Weaver

J.W. Binion Richard P'Poole

Dr. Tom Hiter Carl "Rolo" Beeler

Larry Walston Stephen Beeler

Nominations must be turned in by April 01, 2018 to Sam Hatcher.