2020 Division Reunion Registration Form

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Here it is!  Fill it out and get it mailed in.  A good time will be had by all!

2020 Division Awards

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With the 2020 Reunion being on April 25th in Falmouth, we need to start the Awards Nominations process NOW!

If any member (in good standing) wishes to nominate any member(s) (in good standing) for either of our Kentucky Division Service Awards, PLEASE DO SO QUICKLY!

I am setting the deadline for nominations to be received on or before April 1st. Nominations received after April 1st will not be considered.

The form is located on our Division Website, in the members area under the Documents link, or use the link below:


Thank you!
Adjutant Ed Georgen

Spring Cotillion Invitation

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As you know the ladies put on a spring Cotillion each year.  March 28, 2020 will be the 3rd one they have hosted in Frankfort, KY at Berry Hill Mansion. This is as close as we can get to a period setting and be able to enjoy the attendance we have been fortunate to have. 

They continually add new aspects to keep preserving our southern heritage and our southern culture. To continue a time honored tradition this year there are seven young ladies being presented as debutantes. 

On be half of the ladies, I would like to invite you all and your camps to attend the noon time BBQ and evening Cotillion.  The 52nd Regimental String Band will be providing music, there will be game tables set up to take a break from the ballroom floor, and plenty of southern hospitality to enjoy. We have the honor of also having John T. Wayne, Historian, Western author, and grandson of none other than “The Duke” John Wayne. 

All proceeds go to preservation projects In Kentucky.  A couple of examples are the maintenance and memorial service at the confederate cemetery located on the Perryville Battlefield State Historic Site, a donation to the Gen. Ben Hardin Helm Camp 1703 for their flagpole. While we don’t make a lot of money, we are able to support projects here in the Commonwealth. 

So if nothing else, come enjoy the fellowship, the food, the music and the southern hospitality as you help us preserve our southern heritage and our southern culture by supporting this event.  

Kris Hawkins 
Bluegrass Brigade Commander 

Southern Defender #1

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Download and check out the newest Pro-Southern Newsletter!

The "Lost Cause" you say?

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Where exactly does the term "Lost Cause" come from and how did it get associated with The Cause of the Confederacy?

A very learned and honorable man, Dr Thomas Y. Hiter, shared this chunk of understanding with us.
"It comes from Cicero. It's originally in Latin, of course, but in the 1860s, every educated person understood Latin. In English, it ran "The Gods give victory, but Cato prefers the lost cause". "Cato" was, to Romans of Cicero's time roughly what Shakespeare is to ours. Very old, very expert, in terms of poetry, drama, etc. So, to paraphrase, "The gods give victory, and that's fine, but lost causes are WAY better to write about. "The Lost Cause" was the name of the Kentucky Confederate veteran's magazine, before they joined the UCV. It's a figure of speech, nothing more. Other people since have given it other meanings, that it never had in either the original or in the 1880s-90s."

So there ya go!  I bet you learned something!

Now on to my personal thoughts...  

Yet again, history shows how the continued "dumbing down" of America has taken our understand and knowledge of where we came from away from us. Without knowing and understanding the past, how can we chart a future or contemplate where we are now?

I think back in just my short 52 years, so much of what I was taught in the schools of the 1970's and 80's is not taught today. No wonder children today have very little IF ANY connection to the past. 

Then I look at what my parents studied in school and it puts me even deeper into despair! My mother had LATIN in high school. Why study Latin so ask. Have you any idea of the Latin based words in the English language? Of course you don't! Latin is the language of science.

Try to learn something every day!
The world the schools "educated" you about is NOT what they told you it is!!!
To quote Mark Twain, "I have never let my schooling interfere with of my education."

Edward Georgen, KY Division Adjutant

National Confederate Flag Day, Saturday March 03

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National Confederate Flag Day to be held Saturday March 03, at 12:00 Noon at Arant Confederate Park.

Please join with us as we dedicate Kentucky's 100' foot flagpole and 20'x30' Confederate Battle Flag , the only MEGA flag in Kentucky.

Arant Confederate Park
6900 Benton Rd
Paducah, KY 42003

2018 KY Division Reunion

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2018 SCV Kentucky Division Reunion
June 9, 2018
Princeton Kentucky

Kentucky Division Awards 

John C. Breckenridge Distinguished Service Award---for Sustained SCV service to the Kentucky Division.

Simon B. Buckner Meritorious Service Award--- for Extraordinary SCV service to the Kentucky Division. in a SINGLE instance...

1) Five awards each year at Ky. Division Reunion.
2) A Compatriot must be a member of the Ky. Division.
3) A Compatriot may receive only one award a year.
4) A Compatriot may earn only one of each in his lifetime.

Past Award Recipients:

2016 Breckenridge-----                                             2016 Buckner
John Young                                                               Ben Sewell
David Harbolt                                                            Lynne Shelbourne
Samuel D..Hatcher                                                    Ed Georgen 
Michael Turner                                                          William " Bill" Hayes
Robert Tyree                                                             Burl McCoy

2015 Breckenridge                                                    2015 Buckner
Don Shelton                                                              David Arant
Fred Wilhite                                                               John Weaver
J.W. Binion                                                                Richard P'Poole
Dr. Tom Hiter                                                             Carl "Rolo" Beeler
Larry Walston                                                            Stephen Beeler  

Nominations must be turned in by April 01, 2018 to Sam Hatcher.

“THE FIGHTING FORRESTS, Brothers of Bedford Forrest”

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In recognition of General Nathan Bedford Forrest’s 196th birthday, the Tilghman-Beauregard Camp #1460, Sons of Confederate Veterans, is pleased to announce the 23rd annual Lon Carter Barton-Jack Vincent Lecture dealing with military exploits of General Forrest siblings during the War Between the States.  
This year’s lecture titled, “THE FIGHTING FORRESTS, Brothers of Bedford Forrest” will be presented by Lee Millar, current President of the General Nathan Bedford Forrest Historical Society; Tennessee Historical Commission, Wars Advisory Council Board Member; and Tennessee Civil War Preservation Association, Board of Directors.  
The lecture will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 27th, at the Graves County Library on North 17th Street in Mayfield.  Admission is free to the public and all are welcome and encouraged to attend this program of historical significance to our local community.  
Many Graves (and other Purchase) County families have ancestors who served with General Forrest.  

For more information on this event, please contact Commander Richard Wright at 270-705-6479 or Lieutenant Commander Scott Parker at 731-336-9893.  

Lee Millar, Historical Biography 
  • Former Captain in the U.S. Army during Vietnam
  • BA in American History, Washington & Lee University, Lexington, VA 
  • Master’s degree, University of Arkansas 
  • 2nd Graduate degree, University of Memphis
  • Shelby County Historical Commission, since 1997, past Chairman (9 years)
  • Tennessee Historical Commission, Wars Advisory Council Board Member 
  • Tennessee Civil War Preservation Association, Board of Directors 
  • West Tennessee Historical Society, Past Vice President 
  • Germantown 150th Anniversary Sesquicentennial Commission, Board of Directors
  • Friends of Shiloh National Military Park, Board of Directors
  • General Forrest Historical Society, President 
  • Battle of Collierville Association, President 
  • Battle of Shiloh Association, President 
  • University of Memphis, Phi Alpha Theta Honors Historical Society 
  • Sons of Confederate Veterans, Past Commander, N. B. Forrest Camp 215, Memphis 
  • Society of Civil War Historians Stuart-Mosby Historical Society
  • Historical Consultant for 15 historical movies, documentaries, TV shows
  • Published author, articles or interviews in 41 major magazines & newspapers
  • Guest lecturer: Memphis & Shelby County Schools; Rhodes College (Memphis), University of Memphis; Schoolcraft College (Michigan); University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Harding University
  • Descendant of the “Gray Ghost”, Col. John S. Mosby, of Mosby’s Rangers
  • Twelve other Confederate ancestors, one Union. 
  • Long-time Civil War Reenactor, Captain of 51st Tennessee Infantry
  • Leader of the renowned “52nd Regimental String Band”

Graves County Public Library

Contact The Governor Please

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Please take a moment to reach out to the Governor and let him know how you feel about the continued efforts of Dr Mecham and his wanting to ask the Governor to override the Hopkinsville City Council to resume digging AND open the coffin that was found in the Cemetery.


Hopkinsville UPDATE!

posted Mar 24, 2017, 6:05 AM by Adjutant2527 Georgen

On March 23rd The City of Hopkinsville KY has ordered that there is to be no further excavations of the Confederate burials in Riverside Cemetery.

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