General Albert Sidney Johnson Camp
Kentucky Division Member at Large Camp

The Member at Large camp is design to be for those who:
  • Live in an area where we do not currently have a camp established
  • Live outside of Kentucky and wish to belong to a Kentucky Camp to honor the service of an ancestor who served in a Kentucky Unit
  • Do not wish to belong to the local camp for whatever reason but still wish to be a part of the Kentucky Division
Being a member of this Camp you are still entitled to ALL the benefits and right afforded a Full Member of the SCV. 

The Member at Large Camp will only meet once a year and that will be at the Annual Kentucky Division Reunion. There are NO requirements to attend the meetings.

The Camp Commander and Camp Adjutant positions will be filled by the Division Commander and Division Adjutant. The Camp Commander and Camp Adjutant will NOT have a voice in voting of this Camp so as to avoid any possibility of any one member having more than one vote.  The Division Commander and Division Adjutant will retain their voting rights in their Home Camp.

There will be an email list and Facebook Group used to keep members up to date and involved.

Being this is a Division Level Camp, there are no Camp Level Dues. Only the regular National and Division dues will be collected.

Are you interested in joining this Camp? We would be honored to have your membership!  Please Contact the Division Adjutant for further information (click here to email)