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Division Award Recipients

Kentucky Division Awards Recipients

 John C. Breckenridge Distinguished Service Award
Sustained Service to the Division
 Simon B. Buckner Meritorious Service Award
Extraordinary Service to the Division
 Samuel R. Flora
William Sandy Forrest
George Barry Grogan
Steve Lynn Harned
Gary Teckenbrock
Rick A. Brown
Jimmie D. Harned
Larry Kyle Thompson
 Timothy Dale Bowman
Craig Allen Cain
Edward George Georgen
Jimmie D. Harned
John T. Suttles
Lance Howard (posthumous)
 Larry Tillas Black
Samuel R. Flora
Jim Smith Price
Fred Whilhite
 2017 None awarded None awarded
 John Young
David Harbolt
Samuel D. Hatcher
Michael Turner
Robert Tyree
 Ben Sewell
Lynn Shelbourne
Edward George Georgen
Bill Hayes
Burl McCoy
 Don Shelton
Fred Whilhite
J. W. Binion
Dr Tom Hiter
Larry Walston
 David Arant
John Weaver
Richard P'Poole
Carl Rolo Beeler
Stephen Beeler