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You can use the limited function group below, 
or go to the Full Function Groups page by CLICKING HERE.

 How to Subscribe Using a Non-Gmail Email Address: 
1. Go to https://groups.google.com/group/ky-scv/subscribe

2. Enter your preferred email address to subscribe to the group.

3. You will receive a subscribe confirmation email to that email address. Click “Join this Group”.

4. If done correctly you will see a new message confirming you have been added

Please Note: You do not need a google account to send posts, receive posts, or view the google group online 

  To Manage Your Google Groups Using a Non-Gmail Address:

 1. Create a google account using your non-gmail address at https://accounts.google.com/signup 
(Make sure you are signed out of any google accounts.) 

2. Make sure to click the link “I prefer to use my current email address” 

3. You will receive a Google Email Verification email to that address. Click the link provided

4. You will then be sent to a main Google Accounts page. 

5. If you click the circle in the right hand corner of the screen, you will be directed to a login page.

6. Your personal Google Group administration page will then open up after you login. You can manage your settings via the drop down menu in the right hand corner.

7. If you pick “Membership and email settings” the following dialogue box will open up. Here is where you can change your email delivery preference, such as choosing to receive daily summaries.

8. An alternate way to change your email delivery preference is by clicking on “My groups” in the left hand navigation bar. You will then see the window below. Then on the right hand side, you can toggle to "Abridged Email" (daily summaries) or "Digest Email" (25 messages per email).

9. If you would like to see the email archives go to the main Google Group page, scroll down to see past email threads. You also have an opportunity to filter on the past threads.