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Anti-Hate Stance

The Sons of Confederate Veterans, Kentucky Division's Stance on Hatred and Racism

WHEREAS, the use of the Confederate Battle Flag by extremist political Groups and individuals who seek to clothe themselves in respectability by misappropriating the banner under which our southern ancestors fought for a cause which was noble as much latter day use is ignoble , and

WHEREAS, The Sons Of Confederate Veterans are the true inheritors of legacy and symbols for which the Confederate Veterans fought and died , and 

WHEREAS, The Sons of Confederate Veterans does denounce the use of the Confederate Battle Flag and any other Confederate symbol by the Ku Klux Klan as the desecration of a symbol to which the Ku Klux Klan has no claim , and

WHEREAS, the misuse of the Confederate Battle Flag by any extremist group Or individual espousing political extremism and/or racial superiority degrades the Confederate Battle Flag and maligns the noble purpose of our ancestors who fought against extreme odds for what they believed was just,right, and constitutional, and

WHEREAS, the misuse of other flags and symbols of the Confederate States of America and the Confederate States Army , Navy , and Marines is similarly degrading. 

We condemn in the strongest terms possible the use of the Confederate Battle Flag or any other flag ,symbol ,seal ,title , or name bearing any relationship whatsoever to the Confederate States of America or the armed forces of that government by any such extremist group or individual, of whatever name or designation by which known ,and

LET IT BE FURTHER RESOLVED , that the Sons of Confederate Veterans does hereby condemn in the strongest terms possible the inappropriate uses of the Confederate Battle Flag or any other flag ,seal, title to name bearing any relationship whatsoever to the Confederate States of America or to the armed forces of the Government of the Confederate States of America by individuals or groups of individuals, organized or unorganized, who espouse political extremism or racial superiority.